Hanan Association for the Protection of Handicapped Children is an association with a non- lucrative aim that was founded on February12th, 1969, thanks to the devotion of a small group of parents who starred through their efforts in favour of the handicapped childhood .The deceased Abdelouhab Amrani, the founder of the association (the girl’s father, Hanane who was born with a handicap) was long listed for that group; and it was declared of utility in 1996.

Since its creation, HANAN has for mission to work in favour of the social inclusion of children and the young people with handicap. Its major axes of intervention are :

  • Early Intervention
  • Educational Inclusion.
  • Educational Inclusion.
  • Special Education and Rehabilitation.
  • Social Sensitisation.
  • Reinforcement of the Capacities of the Professionals in the Domain of the Handicap.
  • Cooperation with Public Institutions and non-governmental National and International Organisations.


General Objective :

  • The Social Inclusion of Handicapped People

Specific Objectives :

  • Promote and spread the early intervention in the region of Tangier-Tetouan.
  • Promote the scholar insertion of handicapped children in the ordinary education of Tangier- Tetouan.
  • Provide specialised education and rehabilitation to children with a profound degree of handicap.
  • Integration of handicapped children in the world of work.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with the public powers social partners in order to reach the full social integration of the handicapped people.