On July 19th, 1961, Mr. Abdellwahab El Amrani had a daughter named ' Hanane '; Unfortunately, the little girl had a (blood) dot in the brain which caused her an intellectual disability and a reduced mobility from her birth until her death in 1984.

Mr. Abdellwahab El Amrani did all that he could to find a medication to reduce the suffering of his little one; but despite the medical care of the Spanish pediatricians in Tetouan at that time, precisely Doctor Flores, all medical examination and reports proved that it was impossible to find a medication to the girl's handicap.

The father had never lost hope; so he visited Dr Flores many times in his office until their relationship became stronger. The doctor asked the father to enroll her in a school for the care of handicapped children, so that there were no such schools at that time ni Morocco; Therfore, the doctor suggested that he should take Hanane to a school for the care of handicapped children in Malaga, Spain.

The father traveled to Spain in 1966, he loved what he saw in the school and how they took care of the handicapped from bringing up, education, medical care to medical readjustment in a modern way. The love that he had for dis daughter and his relationship with her prevented him from leaving her alone in a different environment from her religion and culture. He tought oh creating the first association for the care of disabled children who could not get integrated in public schools in Morocco because of their handicap.

He Went back to Spain and suggested to his friend Dr. Flores the idea of creating the association. The doctor encouraged him and provided him with both practical and moral support in order to fulfill his friend's dream.

Mr. El Amrani started discussing the idea with his friends who used to work in the domain of education; some of who shared the same suffering, where as the others had been working in social domain.

And just like that, February 12th, 1969 was the natal day of Hanan Association.